CLEP Credits

The maximum combined lower-division transfer credit allowed from regionally accredited institutions, CLEP (College Level Examination Program), AP (Advanced Placement), IB (International Baccalaureate), and military credit is 73 semester hours toward a bachelor’s degree. Credit is awarded for CLEP examination based on the scores listed in the equivalency chart below.

To get credit for CLEP exams, have the testing agency send score reports to WSU. To request score reports, write or call:

CLEP – Transcript Services

PO Box 6600
Princeton, NJ 08541-6600

Please visit the University Common Requirement (UCORE) website for more information about UCORE and WSU graduation requirements. Please see Academic Regulation 17 for more information on credit for prior learning policies and contact the Transfer Center  for additional guidance.

CLEP ExamMinimum ScoreWSU Transfer EquivalencyNumber of Credits (semester)UCORE Fulfillment
American Government50Political Science 1013SSCI
History of the United States I50History 1103HUM
History of the United States II50History 1113HUM
Human Growth and Development50Human Development 1013SSCI
Intro to Educational Psych50Psychology Elective3Not applicable
Introductory Psychology50Psychology 1053SSCI
Introductory Sociology50Sociology elective3SSCI
Principles of Macroeconomics50Economics 1023SSCI
Principles of Microeconomics50Economics 1013SSCI
Social Sciences and History50History Elective6HUM, SSCI
Western Civilization I: Ancient Near East to 164850History 1013HUM
Western Civilization II: 1648-Present50History 1023HUM
American Literature50English Elective, English 2106HUM
Analyzing & Interpreting Literature50English Elective, English 108 6HUM
College Composition50English Elective, English 101 6WRTG
College Composition Modular50English Elective6Not applicable
English Literature50English Elective6HUM
Humanities50Humanities 101, Humanities Elective6HUM
Biology50Biology 101, Biology Elective (no labs granted) 6BSCI
Calculus50Mathematics 1714QUAN
Chemistry50Chemistry Elective (no lab granted)6PSCI
College Algebra50Mathematics 1033Not applicable
College Mathematics50Mathematics Elective6Not applicable
Natural Sciences50Biology Elective, Physical Science Elective (no labs granted)6BSCI, PSCI
Precalculus50Mathematics 106, 108 (Precalculus Sequence) 5Not applicable
Financial Accounting50Accounting 2303Not applicable
Information Systems & Computer Applications50Management Information Systems 1713Not applicable
Introductory Business Law50Business Law 2103Not applicable
Principles of Management50Management 1013Not applicable
Principles of Marketing50Marketing Elective3Not applicable

Updated June 2023

*CLEP policy is subject to change without notice. When no specific course number is listed, there is no direct WSU course equivalent for all or part of that exam. The most appropriate course equivalent is determined case by case.