WSU Admission Revocation Policy


Washington State University (WSU) reserves the right to re-evaluate, delay (e.g. place a hold), or revoke an admission decision under certain circumstances, including: academic omissions, fraud, misrepresentation, and past or current behavior that violates WSU’s Standards of Conduct for Students. Where conduct is of a criminal nature, past convictions generally are not sufficient to revoke admissions, unless there is evidence of a pattern of behavior that has the potential to adversely affect the health or safety of the university community. Other adverse consequences may be denial of enrollment, delay or denial of financial aid, or denial of transfer credit.

In addition, applicants may be held accountable to WSU Standards of Conduct for Students if conduct occurs at or after submission of the application. Violations of the WSU Standards of Conduct for Students may result in additional outcomes; including, but not limited to, suspension, expulsion and/or revocation of a degree awarded from WSU.

The Office of Admissions at WSU Pullman provides leadership and support to university officials acting under this policy’s procedures, including consulting with other offices and providing guidance to campus partners in order to support consistent and fair application of this policy across the WSU system.


When applying to WSU, applicants certify that the information they submit during the admission process is true, accurate, and complete to the best of their knowledge and belief. The University relies on the integrity of that information. The University reserves the right to revoke admission, reverse a decision, or re-evaluate admission should the information an applicant certified prove to be materially incomplete or false. Applicants expressly acknowledge that revocation right when they apply to the university.

In addition, each offer of admission is contingent on the admitted applicant satisfactorily completing any schoolwork in progress at the time the offer is extended. The University therefore reserves the right to revoke admission if an admitted applicant fails to meet those conditions, including but not limited to the following circumstances: (1) a significant drop in academic performance; (2) failure to graduate from the academic program in progress at the time of admission; (3) falsification of material or academic credentials; or 4) past or current behavior that violates WSU’s Standards of Conduct for Students.


The University may revoke, re-evaluate, or delay an admission decision up to and beyond the beginning of the term for which the student has applied. Where the admitted applicant is in attendance at the University, the matter is referred to WSU Center for Community Standards or Compliance and Civil Rights for review and/or adjudication. Where the admitted applicant is not yet in attendance at the University, the process below will be followed.

Decision making body

The WSU Admission Revocation Committee is designated to review and make a final determination on cases involving revocation of admission. The Committee will be comprised of representatives from the Office of Enrollment Management and the Office of the Dean of Students at WSU Pullman. Training for the WSU Admission Revocation Committee will be coordinated by the Office of the Dean of Students at WSU Pullman. The Director of Admissions at the WSU Pullman Campus will chair the WSU Admission Revocation Committee. Representation on the Committee will also include admissions and or student affairs officers from other WSU system campuses, one WSU faculty member from the Admissions and Enrollment committee, and may include one current WSU undergraduate student. The Office of Compliance and Civil Rights may also be consulted.


  1. The WSU Admission Revocation Committee, through the Chair, will be notified of a reported violation.
  2. The Chair of the WSU Admission Revocation Committee will take immediate steps to verify the reported information to the extent reasonably possible, which may include referring the matter to CCS or CCR for review or investigation under University policies. (If no basis for revocation is implicated, the matter is concluded for the purposes of this policy.)
  3. If the Chair determines that the report is credible, they will:
    1. Provide the admitted applicant written notification the University will be reviewing the offer of admission based on information received (a summary of that information will also be shared with the student) and allow the admitted applicant an opportunity to respond in writing. Generally, written responses shall be due within (5) five business days of the University providing the applicant with such written notification; the Chair has the discretion to extend this response time.
    2. Provide a summary of the matter, including the admitted student’s written response (if any), to the WSU Admission Revocation Committee.
  4. The Committee reviews revocation case files in-person, virtually, or independently to adjudicate each case. The Committee can arrive at three possible outcomes: i) the Committee finds a revocation is warranted and specifies how (or if) admission may be        rescinded; ii) the committee finds no basis for revocation: or iii) the Committee proposes   an alternative to revocation and imposes additional conditions or requirements on the         offer of admission including but not limited to delayed enrollment.
    1. The Chair will share the Committee’s final determination with the campus admission office to which the student was offered admission.
    2. The Chair will communicate in writing to the student and share the Committee’s final determination and include (if appropriate) the additional conditions or requirements on the offer of admission. Note: At the discretion of the Chair, a high school guidance counselor or similar school official may be contacted prior to delivering written notification to the admitted applicant to ensure counseling and/or support services are available.
    3. The Chair will communicate with all other offices of admission in the WSU system the outcome of the case.


When the University revokes admission it is withdrawing the offer of admission it made to an applicant. If the applicant has already accepted the offer of admission, admission is rescinded because of the revocation. Therefore, the applicant is no longer permitted to enroll in the degree program(s) to which they applied.

Revocation of admissions at any one campus within the WSU System may prohibit admission to all campuses within the WSU System.

The revocation will remain in effect until the conditions specified in the revocation notice are met.

If warranted, refunds (including deposits and the advance payment on tuition) will be made.