Tuition & Costs

Your Future Is Worth the Investment

We’ve broken the costs down for helpful reference, but keep in mind that most families will pay less and only 31% of students pay full tuition. Once you subtract grants, scholarships, and waivers, your actual cost may look quite a bit different.

75% students received financial aid in 2020-21

The cost to attend WSU can be daunting, but there are ways to find the money for college. We’ll help you take a few steps and be on your way to becoming a Coug.

$179.7 Million undergraduate gift aid in 2020-21
700+ scholarship programs

2022-2023 Estimated Undergraduate Yearly Costs for WSU Pullman

This chart has a quick breakdown of how much a typical undergraduate pays to attend WSU Pullman. The figures are presented for the 2022-23 academic year and tuition is based on 10-18 credits per semester. 

Not applicableResident (WA)Non-resident (out-of-state)
Total Cost$29,944$45,628

Costs may be subject to change. Direct costs are paid straight to the university. Indirect costs may include housing, dining, books and supplies, and transportation and personal expenses. The estimated indirect costs in this table may vary. Indirect personal expenses and transportation costs are not included in the estimate.

Residence halls range from $7,266 (double-room rate) to $10,132 per academic year. Costs vary by residence hall or apartment lease.

**Amounts represent average costs. Dining plans range from $3,860-$4,940. Visit for more info. See Student Financial Services for more details.

Installment Payment Plans

Cougs may choose a short-term installment plan as a convenient payment option that divides the costs of higher education into equal monthly portions. Paying in installments over a span of time can be far more manageable than issuing large lump-sum payments. All payment plans are interest-free.