Awards & How to Apply

Scholarships and how to get them

You say you want a scholarship? Here's how to put yourself in the running for more than 700 different scholarship programs offered at WSU.

Four easy steps

  1. Prepare with our handy tip sheet.
  2. Apply to WSU by January 31.
  3. Complete your WSU scholarship application by January 31 so you can tap into WSU's scholarship funds.
  4. Complete your FAFSA by February 15 to hook yourself up with funds based on your financial need. Fill out the FAFSA at

Even more scholarship programs

There are a few scholarships in colleges and departments that require a separate application or additional materials, so keep an eye on those, too.

Scholarship award examples

Why the FAFSA and a scholarship application?

Simple answer: To qualify for the best financial aid possible. Here's how the two applications work together.

First, about the FAFSA. All colleges use this federal form as a universal way to determine financial need: does the cost of attending college exceed your family's ability to pay? If so, by how much?

Fill out the FAFSA, even if you think your family income might be too high. It's free to apply, and if you don't qualify, no harm done. If you are eligible for aid, grants, loans, work-study jobs, and scholarships could come your way.

Now, about those scholarships. If you're an academic achiever, you'll have a good shot at a scholarship — but grades and SAT scores aren't always the only consideration.

Plenty of scholarships consider financial need, and some are only given to students who really need the money. And it's the FAFSA that tells WSU who needs the most financial help.

Both the FAFSA and the University's scholarship application are free, so you have nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain by filling them out.