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Washington State University
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WSU Tuition & Fees

Here’s a quick breakdown of how much it costs the typical undergraduate to attend WSU in Pullman. These figures are for the 2021-22 academic year and tuition is based on 10-18 credits per semester.

2020–2021 Estimated Yearly Costs*

Individual CostsResident (WA)Non-resident (out-of-state)
Mandatory Fees$1,420$1,420
Housing (mode)$6,822$6,822
Dining (median)$4,300$4,300
Total Cost$24,498$39,814

*Costs are subject to change. Direct costs are those paid directly to the university. Indirect costs may include housing, dining, books and supplies, transportation and personal expenses. The table contains estimated indirect costs which may vary. Indirect personal expenses and transportation costs are not included in estimates.

Residence halls range from $6,822 (double-room rate) to $9,804 per academic year. Costs vary by residence hall/apartment lease. 

**Amounts represent average costs. Dining plans range from $3,740-$4,760. Visit for more info.

See Student Financial Services for more details.

Why the mandatory fees?

Nearly everyone wonders about this at some point. At WSU, the fees cover a variety of things that are outside tuition but still necessary.

A few of the most visible things your student fees help pay for at WSU: