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Washington State University
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WSU Student Housing

You don’t just go to school at WSU. You live here.

And that means you get awesome opportunities you can’t find at every university. Most first-year students and sophomores, and a large percentage of upperclassmen, live on campus. Those who don’t still can walk to their classes from most places in town.

Studies show that students at residential colleges like WSU earn higher grades, complete more classes, and enjoy more leadership opportunities. The reason is simple: Here, you’re part of a community.

The college town advantage

More than half the people in Pullman are college students, so it’s a town built around the people and facilities you need. In a quintessential college town like Pullman, you’ll see your classmates and professors at the grocery store, in line at the coffee shop, or walking across campus. You can get to know your neighbors. And you can build a community of roommates, faculty, friends, and advisers to make your college experience great.

A place for everyone

Whatever your age, living situation, interests, or needs, WSU has campus housing to fit you. Check out options for first-year, upperclassmen, and married students, and students interested in Greek life.