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Washington State University
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WSU First-Year Housing

If you’re a first-year college student under 20 years old (and not married), you’ll live on campus for your first year at WSU.

You get to choose from 14 different residence halls. Plus, we’ll help you connect your new living group friends to your academic life with the First-Year Focus program. When you’re going to your first college classes with people who already live right next door, you’ll get a better start.

Residence halls

Residence halls pair on-campus living with a community experience. You can tour all the halls at the Housing and Residence Life website.

Specific emphasis communities

Some halls help students with similar academic interests or backgrounds to form a unique community.

  • Scholars
    Many Honors College students live in Honors Hall and Scott-Coman Hall, where they help each other take their college education to new levels of inquiry and learning.
  • Global experience
    The Global Scholars hall aims to inspire students to learn from their peers, and make a positive impact on WSU and the global community.
  • Science, engineering, and mathematics
    The College of Engineering and the College of Arts and Sciences encourage all students interested in science, engineering, and mathematics fields to sign up for housing in the Stephenson complex. As a Stephenson resident, you’ll get First Year Focus courses that are closer to your area of interest.
  • Gender inclusive
    McCroskey, in the Hillside area of campus, is a unique, innovative, and welcoming hall. Its small environment encourages the development of a tight-knit community.