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Admissions questions

Answers to questions about requirements, applications, and more.

What majors are available at WSU?

Washington State University offers more than 200 fields of study that can contribute to majors, minors, or courses of study. At last count, there were more than 85 undergraduate majors possible at WSU.

What do I need to be admitted?

That depends on whether you are a first-year student coming from high school, a transfer student, an international student, or a graduate student. See the Requirements and Applications section for the requirements that fit you. If your questions aren’t answered there, contact your admission counselor for advice and information.

What is the application deadline?

For application deadlines and a full list of important dates, see the Deadlines page. All deadlines are “postmarked by” dates (not received-by dates).

Do I have to be accepted to WSU before I can apply for a scholarship?

No. Apply for scholarships at the same time you apply for admission to the University. (Or after, if you like–just be sure to apply before the deadline.)

What address should I send transcripts to?

Please send transcripts (and all other mail-able application materials) to:

Office of Admissions
Lighty 370
Washington State University
PO Box 641067
Pullman, WA 99164-1067

How do I know if you received my transcripts?

The Office of Admissions will mail/email you if your application is incomplete. You can also check the status of your application online if you’ve created your myWSU ID. Instructions for navigating myWSU can be found at

If I have a 2.5 transfer GPA, does that mean that I’m automatically admitted?

No. Admission is based on your academic record and performance and also depends on available space.

Do you need transcripts from every school I’ve attended?

Yes. Request every school you’ve attended (high school or college) to send a final official transcript to WSU, no matter when you last attended.

Why does WSU require a final official transcript?

We use the final transcript to verify the last term you attended school and ensure that we’ve given you all the credit that’s available to you. In addition, the transcript shows your GPA at that school and helps establish your academic eligibility to transfer to WSU.

How do I know when you’ve received my application?

When you submit your application, we’ll automatically send you a confirmation email acknowledging receipt of your application.

How do I qualify for financial aid?

To see if you qualify for financial aid, submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by January 31. All colleges use the FAFSA to determine your eligibility for financial aid. Completing the FAFSA will help you get state and federal aid, and will help WSU consider you for additional aid — for instance, some scholarships consider financial need among their award criteria. Complete both the WSU scholarship application and the FAFSA to ensure that you’re considered for the maximum amount of financial assistance. More about financial aid and the FAFSA can be found on the our Student Financial Services website.

Returning student questions

If you attended WSU before and want to come back, find your answers in our page for students returning to WSU.

Do I really need to reapply for admission?

If it has been at least two consecutive semesters since you attended WSU, you will need to reapply. You can access the online application, and will be required to provide official transcripts from all of the colleges you have attended since leaving WSU.

Can I finish my WSU degree without returning to campus?

Yes, that is possible. If the courses you need to graduate are offered through WSU’s Global Campus, and if you have earned at least 27 total college credits, you can complete your WSU degree online. If you certified the major you want to finish, contact the academic department to determine the classes you need. If you haven’t certified the major you want, contact your advisor to see what general education requirements and major prerequisites you need. When you’ve determined what courses you need, contact the Global Campus to verify that they’re available.

If I decide to change majors, how do I get an advisor in my new major?

If your field of study has changed since you left WSU, contact the Academic Success and Career Center (ASCC). They’ll advise you on general education/University common requirements and major prerequisites.

What happens if I have transfer credits?

After we’ve received your application and official transcripts from all colleges you have attended, the Office of Admissions will make an admission decision. The Office of Admissions will also determine the total number of transferable college credits, your cumulative grade point average in the transferable work, and which University common requirements (UCORE) you have completed. Courses that are applicable to your major will be evaluated after you enroll at WSU, by the department you plan to major in.

Can I see how my credits will transfer before I apply?

Yes. You can see the WSU equivalents of individual transfer courses using the transfer course equivalency website.

What about the credits I earned when I was at WSU before?

The previous credits you earned as a WSU student will always be a part of your permanent student record and don’t need to be evaluated as transfer credit.

Will I have to redo requirements that have changed since I left WSU?

Perhaps — but not usually. General education requirements/University common requirements (UCORE) are based on the date the you first enrolled in college after high school graduation, so your previous general education/UCORE coursework should still apply. If the requirements for your major have changed since you left WSU, you may need to meet the new requirements; contact the department you’re going to major in to see if this is the case.

Can I get academic credit for work experience?

Generally, no. Work experience or internships only qualify for academic credit if they’re arranged through an academic department as part of your WSU studies.

Do I need to do the Writing Portfolio?

Since 1991, all students need to complete the writing portfolio requirement.

Do I have to be on campus to complete my Writing Portfolio?

No. If you’re finishing your degree through WSU’s Global Campus, your advisor can help ensure that you get the writing-in-the-major courses you need, and the portfolio can be submitted electronically.

Can I get scholarships and financial aid?

Yes, you may be eligible for scholarships and/or financial aid. You can learn more on the WSU Student Financial Services website or by calling their office at 509-335-9711 with questions.

I need a job at WSU. Where can I find one?

Start your search with Handshake, the student employment website. The Daily Evergreen, WSU’s student newspaper, also posts employment opportunities.