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WSU Undocumented Students

We believe in you

As a land-grant-institution, we continue to proudly subscribe to the overarching principle upon which land grants were created 157 years ago: namely, that higher education should be accessible to all, regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, citizenship, or other protected characteristic.

Put more simply, undocumented applicants to WSU will be considered for admission on the same basis as a U.S. citizen or any other applicant.

Read the full statement of support.

 – President Kirk Schulz and WSU leaders

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The laws regarding the residency affidavit have changed for terms starting after 7/25/21, including fall 2021. Find out about these changes and eligibility requirements.

Students who completed the WASFA do not need to apply; the residency affidavit was part of that process. Anyone who meets the eligibility requirements may submit a residency affidavit.

Apply to WSU

We want you at Washington State University

Undocumented students are encouraged to apply for admission to Washington State University using the standard process—with just a few specific instructions below.

As an undocumented student:

  • Citizenship, legal permanent residency, or financial status will not affect your admission to WSU.
  • You are not considered an international applicant.

    Students who are applying to WSU with a valid, temporary, educational visa. International students are not immigrants (permanent resident with an I-51 or Green Card), undocumented immigrants, or refugees.
  • If only certain members of your family are documented, please contact us so we can help you with the application.

6 Campuses Across the State

WSU offers six campuses across the state to fit your needs based on geographical location and field of study preference. Check out each location at to determine which campus you’d like to apply to. Once you’re settled on campus, there are a number of resources available across the campuses for undocumented students enrolled at WSU. Learn more about services and events available to our undocumented student population.

Important Instructions

Important instructions for undocumented students when filling out the “Citizenship” section of the admission application:

  • Country of Citizenship:
    Select the country where you have citizenship (this will not be the United States
  • Country of Birth:
    Select the country where you were born
  • Country of Legal Permanent Residency*
    Select the country where you have legal Permanent Residency (this will not be the United States)
  • Will you be attending Washington State University on an immigrant or non-immigrant visa?
    Select No for this answer.

Please do not enter visa information or date. This is for international applicant only.

Students who are applying to WSU with a valid, temporary, educational visa. International students are not immigrants (permanent resident with an I-51 or Green Card), undocumented immigrants, or refugees.

Once you finish the “Citizenship” section, continue your application as you normally would.

Financial Aid

We are here for you

We can help you figure out how to pay for your education. Student Financial Services has many resources specifically for you as an undocumented student.

In-State Tuition Rates

If you have lived in the state of Washington for at least one year and earned a diploma or GED from anywhere in the United States, you may qualify for in-state tuition rates.

Senate Bill 5194 makes it possible for students to complete this residency affidavit* (RA) to obtain resident tuition.

Students with DACA status—expired or unexpired—who have lived in Washington state for at least one year (for reasons other than education) prior to enrolling in college are also eligible to apply for traditional residency or use the residency affidavit*.

Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA)

WASFA: The Washington Application for State Financial Aid or WASFA is a free application for state financial aid for students who are not eligible for federal aid because of immigration status, including undocumented students.

If you are an undocumented student, one of the most important steps is to complete a WASFA every year. This application will enable you to be considered for the Washington College Grant and for aid awarded by WSU. The WASFA also includes your Washington State Higher Education Residency Affidavit. You can submit the WASFA application anytime during the application process.

A new WASFA opens each year on October 1. Please make sure you complete the form for the correct year. If you have questions about WASFA, please email a WSU representative at


*The residency affidavit does not ask questions about citizenship though we recommend that F1/J1 students discuss their options with an International Programs counselor prior to completing the RA as it can have future immigration implications.

Does being an undocumented applicant affect my chances of being admitted to Washington State University?
No. Admissions consideration for undocumented applicants is the same as those for all students.

Read more about the admissions process.

Campus Contacts

Still have questions? Get in touch with a regional counselor here: