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WSU IB Credit Chart

WSU awards a minimum of three semester credits for each higher level (HL) International Baccalaureate (IB) exam passed with a grade of 5 or better. Standard level (SL) exams are not evaluated for credit.

IB ExamScoreWSU Transfer EquivalencyNumber of Credits (semester)UCORE Fulfillment
Arabic A and BSee "Language"
Art/Design5+Fine Arts Elective3ARTS
Biology5+Biology 106, 107 (2 labs granted) (Sequence for Science/Health majors) 8BSCI
Business Management5+Management Elective6
Business & Organization5+Management 101, Management Elective6
Chemistry5Chemistry 101 (1 lab granted)4PSCI
6Chemistry 105 (1 lab granted) (For Science/Engineering majors)4PSCI
7Chemistry 105, 106 (2 labs granted) (For Science/Engineering majors) 8PSCI
Classical Languages5+Counts toward College of Arts and Sciences language requirement)8
Chinese A and B5+See "Language"
Computer Science5+Computer Science6
Design Technology5+School of Design and Construction 100, Elective6ARTS
Economics5+Economics 101, 1026SSCI
English A: Literature5+English 101, English Elective6WRTG
English A: Language & Literature5+English 101, English Elective6WRTG
Film5+Fine Arts Elective6ARTS
French A and BSee "Language"
German A and BSee "Language"
History of the Americas5+History Elective3
History of Europe5+History 1013HUM
History of the Islamic World5+History 2733DIVR
Information Technology in a Global Society5+Elective6
Italian A and BSee "Language"
Japanese A and BSee "Language"
Language A: Literature5+Foreign Languages (Counts toward College of Arts and Sciences language requirement8
Language A: Language & Literature5+Foreign Languages (Counts toward College of Arts and Sciences language requirement)8
Language B5+Foreign Languages (Counts toward College of Arts and Sciences language requirement)8
Mathematics5+Mathematics 106, 108 (Precalculus Sequence) 5
Music5+Music 160, Music Elective6ARTS
Philosophy5+Philosophy 101, Philosophy Elective6HUM
Physics5+Physics Elective (2 labs granted)8PSCI
Psychology5+Psychology 105, Psychology Elective 6SSCI
Russian A and BSee "Language"
Social Anthropology5+Anthropology 101, 203 6DIVR
Spanish A and BSee "Language"
Swahili A and BSee "Language"
Theatre Arts5+Music 161, Music Elective6ARTS
Visual Arts5+Elective6ARTS

*See the WSU Catalog for more information on University Common Requirements (UCORE).

The Office of Admissions determines whether IB credits apply to University Common Requirements (UCORE), while each academic department determines whether credits apply to specific major or supporting course requirements. When no specific course number is listed, there is no direct WSU course equivalent for all or part of that exam. The most appropriate course equivalent is determined case by case.

Washington State University awards up to 30 semester credits to students who successfully complete the IB Diploma. Upon receipt of a diploma, credit will be awarded for at least 3 courses (10 semester credits) and distributed evenly among three general education areas (natural sciences, social sciences, arts or humanities). An additional 20 semester credits will be awarded in the areas of the student’s higher-level subject exams with a score of 5 or better, for a maximum of 30 total credits. This policy applies to students entering fall 2018 and is subject to change.

International Baccalaureate credit policy is subject to change. The Office of Admissions will assess your IB credit when you’re admitted to WSU.

The maximum combined lower-division transfer credit allowed from regionally accredited institutions, CLEP (College Level Examination Program), AP (Advanced Placement), IB (International Baccalaureate), and military credit shall be 73 semester hours toward a baccalaureate degree irrespective of when those hours were earned.

Updated August 2016

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