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Admissions Home #FutureCoug
WSU Future Coug Pride

Show off your Future Coug pride!

  • Join the Future Cougs on Schools App to connect with other incoming students
  • Wear crimson & gray to show off your WSU school spirit
  • Send us a Snap or Instagram pic of your #FutureCoug spirit so we can share it
  • Update your profile photo or phone background with our free downloads:

WSU Admissions Facebook link  WSU Admissions Twitter link  WSU Admissions Instagram link

Profile photos for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

FutureCoug Social media profile image white on crimson FutureCoug Social media profile image crimson on gray FutureCoug Social media profile image white on black FutureCoug Social media profile image crimson on white with black text FutureCoug Social media profile image crimson on gray with white text FutureCoug Social media profile image I am a future coug white text on crimson

Facebook Cover Photo

FBCover-Crimson FBCover-CrimsonGrey FBCover-Grey FBCover-CougParent-White FBCover-CougParent-Crimson

Smart Phone and iPad Backgrounds


IPhone-5-Background-Crimson IPhone-5-Background-CrimsonGrey IPhone-5-Background-Grey IPhone-5-Background-CougParent-White IPhone-5-Background-CougParent-Crimson


Droid-Background-Crimson Droid-Background-CrimsonGrey Droid-Background-Grey Droid-Background-CougParents-White Droid-Background-CougParents-Crimson

Samsung Galaxy

GalaxyS4S5-FutureCougs-Crimson GalaxyS4S5-FutureCougs-CrimsonGrey GalaxyS4S5-FutureCougs-Grey GalaxyS4S5-Background-CougParent-White GalaxyS4S5-Background-CougParent-Crimson


IPad-Background-FutureCougs-Crimson IPad-Background-FutureCougs-CrimsonGrey IPad-Background-FutureCougs-Grey IPad-Background-FutureCougsParent-White IPad-Background-FutureCougsParent-Crimson

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