Transfer Information

Transfer student guide

You're considered a transfer student for admission purposes if you have attended college after the summer following high school graduation.

If you earned your college credit while you were still in high school (e.g., through Running Start), follow the steps for freshman admission.

If you are an international student, follow the steps for international admission.

Transferring to a new college can be a confusing process. We can't promise that it'll be painless — but we will do our best to give you the information and tools you need to make informed decisions and make your transition to WSU as smooth as possible.

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Some WSU requirements to be aware of

While you can surely take care of your graduation requirements after you enroll here, preparing in advance for these two WSU requirements can help you make the most of your time, both before you transfer and after.

Writing portfolio

All students at WSU are required to complete a writing portfolio after reaching 60 credits (generally during the junior year).

The writing portfolio consists of two parts:

  • A packet containing three samples of original graded writing from three different college courses
  • A two-part impromptu timed essay

Keep all the papers you write for your college courses. You can use papers written for classes you took at your previous college in your portfolio packet.

See the junior writing portfolio guidelines for more information.

Certifying your major

At WSU, most students are advised by the college in which they plan to major. Deciding students are advised by University College. In general, students can take care of the prerequisites and certify a major sometime in their sophomore year.

In some programs at WSU (business, for example), you need to certify your major before you can take upper-level courses in that subject. With advance planning, you may be able to meet certification requirements before transferring.

A few majors (notably, architecture and engineering) require specific courses that aren't available at most two-year colleges, so you might need to plan on completing some prerequisites after you enroll at WSU. For these majors, it's generally better to transfer to WSU as soon as possible.

Be sure to contact the program you'll be majoring in to see what is required to certify in your major.