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A town built around you

Pullman isn't your average small town in the middle of nowhere.

Yes, it's relatively small: about 29,000 residents, give or take a few. Middle of nowhere? Well, maybe; let's just say you'll probably have to go a bit out of your way to get here. Average? Only if "average" includes the home campus of a major public research university.

And considering that more than half the town's residents are university students, you could even say that Pullman is the ultimate college town. (If you did, MSN Local Edition would probably agree.)

Basically, this place is built around you.

Yeah, life is good here.


Student organizations

Let's the C's alone we have 36 active organizations: Cable 8 Productions, Campus Christian Fellowship, Chinese Students & Scholars Association, Capoeira (ever seen The Bourne Identity?), Choral Company, Cougar Entrepreneurs...

There are more than 300 clubs and organizations you could choose from — all you have to do is look. Opportunities to get involved in activities that interest you are everywhere.


Leadership & service

The Center for Civic Engagement helps you find opportunities to volunteer and also helps you build a service portfolio to enhance your resume when you graduate. Service learning is built into some WSU courses, melding course credit with service opportunities. Volunteer service can sometimes qualify for internship credit, too.



There's plenty to do around here, even if it's not bright-lights, big-city. Whatever's going on in Pullman, you're close by. And if it's happening at WSU, you're right in the middle of it. You can be bored...if you want to...but you're going to have to try hard.

So how do you get in?

Greek life

Fraternity and sorority life

There is no tighter group than the Greek community at WSU. And it's a big, inclusive group, too; 20% of all students at WSU Pullman are fraternity or sorority members.

Forget the "party, bro!" stereotypes. Living on Greek Row is fun, no doubt about that, but you'll be giving back to the community and learning at the same time. The University's fraternities and sororities are big on service, leadership, and academics.

In fact, WSU research shows that members of fraternities and sororities are three times more likely than other students to graduate on time.


So how do you get in?

If you're a new freshman or transfer student, you'll get information on the Greek community with the housing packet that's sent out during the summer to all new students.

When you fill out your housing application, mark your interest in fraternity/sorority living. Once you've done that, you're on the recruitment list.

Recruitment for fraternities is fairly informal. After you indicate your interest, they'll contact you, and you'll have opportunities throughout the summer and fall to get familiar with the various fraternities and decide which one seems right for you. Find out more from the WSU Interfraternity Council.

Recruitment for sororities is a bit more formalized. After you sign up for WSU housing, you can sign up for formal recruitment, which happens on campus the week before fall semester. Find out more from the WSU Panhellenic Council.

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