Research Scholars

If you’re an exceptional student intending to major in specific STEM fields, the Research Scholars program for undergraduates can take your academic career to new heights.

About Research Scholars

The Research Scholars program at Washington State University grants you privileges and fast-track opportunities from your first day at this top-tier research institution. You’ll be given access to unique research preparation information and connections, a generous scholarship, and a living-learning community made up of highly motivated students.

$2,500 Scholarship

Receive a one-time award for your first year as an undergraduate student. You can receive this scholarship in addition to others from WSU and outside organizations.

Research Opportunities in Your Field

Collaborate with top faculty on research that addresses the world’s most pressing challenges.

Research opportunities are available in the following disciplines:

  • Bioengineering
  • Biological Sciences (Biology and Zoology)
  • Chemistry
  • Molecular Biosciences (Biochemistry, Genetics and Cell Biology, and Microbiology)
  • Neuroscience
  • Physics

Faculty Mentorship

Have access to professors in your major starting in your first semester. You’ll develop stronger connections by working side-by-side with these faculty mentors, and they’ll be better prepared to strongly recommend you for future opportunities.

Training in Essential Research Skills

Learn college- and life-success skills as well as research fundamentals in a first-year course designed for Research Scholars. You will also take another course in your intended major that will introduce you in detail to key aspects of your discipline. Through these two courses, you’ll be academically prepared to seek mentored undergraduate research positions in your second semester at college.

Preferred Living Community

Live in WSU’s newest residence hall among highly motivated students who share your science and engineering interests.

Competitive Advantage

Boost your competitiveness for future opportunities both within and beyond WSU thanks to experiences as an undergraduate Research Scholar.

Qualifying Majors

Among the eligibility requirements for the Research Scholars program, you must intend to major in one of the following subjects: