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$1,000 visitation award

In order to qualify for the visit award through the program, students must be invited, registered, and in attendance throughout the duration of the event. The Future Cougars of Distinction visit award can be awarded to students receiving the Distinguished Regents Award or National Merit Scholarship, and to students who will have other allowable tuition waivers or payments that cover the value of full tuition.

Future Cougars of Distinction is the only admitted student program in which students receiving full-tuition scholarships may also receive the visit award.

Space is limited at the Future Cougars of Distinction program and registration is on a first-come basis. An invitation to this program does not guarantee registration space availability.

About the award

Student Financial Services will post the visit award to the student’s account within a month after the event and will send an email communication confirming the award has been posted. If you do not see that your award has posted after three weeks, please contact the Office of Visitation Programs to confirm they have record of your attendance and they will follow up with Student Financial Services to ensure your award is posted. Please note that the visit award cannot be deferred to future terms.

If you can’t attend

If you can’t attend the entire event, you won’t be eligible for the Future Cougars of Distinction award— but that’s not the end of the story!

Filling out the WSU scholarship application and searching for scholarships using the WSU scholarship finder means you’ll automatically be considered for hundreds of other scholarships from WSU. There are also many other opportunities to visit campus throughout the year. See our student visits site for more information.