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Washington State University
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WSU Statement of Expectations

Group Tours Statement of Expectations

Ensuring a Safe and Successful Visit

By requesting a group visit, you agree to the following conditions.


  • Deliver a world-class educational experience for you and your students.
  • Furnish an itinerary confirmation and a campus map via email at least one week in advance of your visit to campus.
  • Provide access to online registration for individual students in your group.


  • Request campus tour dates at least three weeks in advance.
  • Confirm the number of students attending and your time of arrival one week prior to your visit. Costs associated with your visit (e.g. scheduled meals) will be based on this number.
  • Inform your WSU visit coordinator of any special needs at least two weeks prior to your visit.
  • Review the itinerary confirmation and map prior to the day of your visit.
  • Enable and encourage individual students to complete their online registration.
  • Supervise your students during your visit. Our student tour guides rely on you to ensure your students are respectful, attentive, and responsible during their time on campus. A minimum of one chaperone for every 20 students is required for high school age groups.
  • Arrive on time for your visit; even a 15 minute delay can disrupt your planned activities. Check-in time will be listed on your itinerary confirmation. Be sure to allow enough time for unexpected travel stops, parking your vehicle(s), and walking to the check-in location.