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SFS Is Already Awarding Scholarships

If your student completed the 2018–2019 WSU General Scholarship application, he or she may already have received awards from WSU Student Financial Services (SFS). However, the process of awarding scholarships continues throughout the academic year. When students are awarded a scholarship they will receive an email notification from SFS.

If your student is interested in finding additional scholarship opportunities, we encourage them to use our free scholarship search engine to view a variety of different scholarships from outside of the WSU community. Students and families can also follow SFS on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for #ScholarshipFriday, where they highlight other scholarship … » More …

Financing A College Degree? Remember These Steps for the New Year.

Investing in a degree at WSU can add significant value to your student’s career. But, paying for it can be challenging for both you and your student. Fortunately, there are ways to pay for college—as long as you’re aware of what you need to do. Some important dates and deadlines are approaching, so if you’re seeking help with paying for college, you’ll want to make sure your student completes these steps right away! » More …

Scholarships Can Come From Anywhere!

Don’t let your students end their scholarship search with the WSU scholarship application—scholarships can come from anywhere! We recommend students fill out additional scholarship applications each year to increase their chances of receiving a scholarship. Visit our scholarship search engine located at to explore hundreds of additional scholarship opportunities. We also suggest that your students contact local non-profit organizations or community groups to check on available scholarships.

Reach for the STARS!

The WSU School of Molecular Biosciences and Program in Neuroscience offer an elite academic platform called Students Targeted toward Advance Research Studies (STARS). The STARS program gives select students a chance to accelerate the learning process so they can earn a Ph.D. in as little as seven years after leaving high school. It is the fast-track to professional life in the biosciences! » More …