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The nomination process

The Regents Scholar nomination process is completely online.  WSU Student Financial Services will send an email to a representative of each qualified Washington high school in September.

A separate nomination form for each student must be submitted by Friday, October 18, 2019, 11:59 pm PST.  If your school does not receive the invitation email, please contact Tara Williams, Senior Advisor with WSU Student Financial Services, at or 509-335-9711 for more information and assistance.

Find your nominees

We encourage you to nominate your best students based solely on your students’ qualifications, regardless of their level of interest in WSU. Many current Regents Scholars hadn’t considered WSU as one of their college choices until their school nominated them for the scholarship.

Our Regents Scholars often rank in the top two percent of their class, possess a passion for learning, and benefit from a wide range of experience that propels them above their peers. They demonstrate a purposeful, long-term commitment to volunteer activities and causes within their school and in the general community. Several have also achieved their success while facing extraordinary family situations, special personal circumstances, or working part-time jobs. Use the Regents Scholars eligibility calculator to confirm that your students meet the GPA and test score requirements.

Complete your nomination

To complete the nomination form, you will need the following information:

Nominator information

  • Your name
  • Your job title
  • Your email address

Student information

  • Nominee’s current GPA and scores from the SAT or ACT
  • Nominee’s full name as it appears on high school transcript
  • Nominee’s mailing address
  • Nominee’s email address (Please don’t use your school email or a fictitious email for the student. It is very important to provide the student’s actual email address.)
  • Nominee’s date of birth
  • Senior class size
  • Nominee’s gender

Counselor Narrative

You will be asked to submit a narrative describing the nominated student. Please provide us with some background on why you chose to nominate this student and why this student is deserving of the Regents Scholars Award. Consider including: academic strengths and interests, the student’s leadership capability, involvement in extra-curricular activities, or other factors, both inside and outside of school, that may have influenced the student.  Narratives are limited to 500 words.

Once the nomination has been submitted and received, future communication from WSU will be sent directly to the nominated student. Nominated students must complete and submit a WSU application for admission and WSU scholarship application, as well as submit their official high school transcript and SAT or ACT test scores directly to WSU.

Frequently Asked Questions – Counselors

What if our nominees haven’t taken the SAT or ACT yet?

  • They can still be nominated, however, official SAT/ACT test scores must be submitted by the student deadline of December 2 They also need qualifying test scores. If WSU does not receive their official scores or the scores are not qualifying, based on our Eligibility Chart, they will not be eligible for the Regents Scholars Program.

Where is the nomination form?

  • The Regents Scholar nomination process is completely online. WSU Student Financial Services will send an email to a representative of each qualified Washington high school in September. The announcement email contains a link that is specific to each high school. You will need to refer to the email that was sent from the email the week of September 10.

Can we nominate more than two students?

  • Unfortunately, each school is allowed only two nominations.

What if one of our nominees doesn’t end up going to WSU, can I nominate another student?

  • Typically students do not make their decisions about college until May. The Regents Scholars Program nomination process will have been closed for a while by this point. We will not re-award the scholarship.

How do schools decide on their two nominees?

  • Each high school determines which two students they will nominate. We have no set guidelines on how you determine your two nominees. Here are some ideas of what other schools have done:
    • Essay contest where students explain why they deserve to be nominated.
    • First come, first serve.
    • Highest GPA or test scores.
    • Based on community and/or school involvement.
    • Statement from student explaining why they want to go to WSU and need the scholarship.

How do I complete the narrative if I do not know the student personally?

  • If the counselors do not know the students personally, you can ask teachers for assistance with the nomination narrative. Many schools will have a teacher supply the student’s background information for the narrative, but then have the counselor complete and submit the nomination.

What is looked at for Distinguished Regents?

  • During the month of December, a group of faculty and staff across campus review the submitted Regents Scholars applications. They will look at student’s WSU General Scholarship Application, SAT/ACT test scores, GPA, and high school narrative. The WSU General Scholarship Application essays are read and scored.
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