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Ranene Royer

Where I'm located

  • Battle Ground, Washington

Favorite place to eat in Pullman

  • My favorite place to eat in Pullman is the South Fork Public House. It has a fun, casual atmosphere and the food is excellent. The shoestring fries are especially scrumptious!

Best place on campus

  • The best place on campus is by far the CUB (Compton Union Building). It is the social hub where you can meet so many diverse, interesting people. On chilly days, I like to relax and put my feet up in front one of the many fireplaces located there.

"Must do" while in town/on campus

  • You absolutely must visit Ferdinand’s Ice Cream Shoppe when you are on campus. They have many flavors of ice cream, but my favorite is Blackberry Ripple. Their prices are very reasonable, and Ferdinand’s also sells WSU’s internationally famous Cougar Gold Cheese. Yum!

Advice for applicants

  • Apply for admission as early as possible. Applying early may open up more visitation and scholarship opportunities. I also recommend that students regularly check for emails sent by WSU. Some students miss important deadlines by not keeping up with their emails.

About me

  • I like to read, collect frog figurines, make flower arrangements, and spend time with my two dogs Bella (a Samoyed who howls when she is lonely) and Champ (a miniature poodle obsessed with rocks).

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