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I have decided to attend another college in the fall. Can I transfer to WSU in the future with my current admission status?

WSU welcomes students at any stage in their higher education to transfer from other colleges and universities. When you’re ready to begin your education here, you’ll need to reapply for your desired term. Admission to WSU will be evaluated at the time of application, based on your completed work.

We would be happy to assist in developing your transfer plan. For information regarding Transfer Credit, please visit our transfer page or contact your admission counselor. If you are unsure of your admission counselor, please email and provide your name, contact information and desired campus. Pullman students can find their counselor here.

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If I defer or change my entry term, can I keep my tuition waiver (recruitment-based award)?

First-year (freshmen) students who defer from Fall 2020 to Spring 2021 and do not attend college elsewhere this fall, will retain their recruitment award (UAA, DUAA, Regent Scholarship, WUE, Cougar Award) offered at the time of admission. Students who change their term to Fall 2021 or beyond will be considered for the recruitment awards based on the criteria/requirements for the term they are enrolling. Awards may vary by WSU campus.

Students who attend college elsewhere this fall and defer admission to Spring 2021 will be viewed as a transfer student when they begin their term at WSU. These students will be considered for the … » More …

I have been admitted and/or confirmed for Fall 2020 and want to Change My Entry Term or Defer my Admission to Spring or Fall 2021:

Due to the many factors associated with COVID-19, students may defer their start term from Fall 2020 to Spring 2021. WSU will transfer the admission application fee and confirmation deposit to Spring 2021. Please email with questions regarding your scholarship awards.

Students with significant extenuating circumstances such as military duty, religious missions/service opportunities, illness or family crises may be considered for up to a one-year deferment.

Please email your admission counselor to discuss your options or go here to fill out the “Request for Changing Application Term” form.  If you are unsure of your admission counselor, please email and provide … » More …

I am not sure if I will be able to attend WSU this fall. What should I do?

Please do not cancel or request to change your term of entry until you are certain that is what you wish to do. If you complete a “Change of Application Term” or “Cancellation of Application” form online, you will effectively be removed from the Fall 2020 term. We understand that throughout the rest of the summer your needs and/or plans may change. If you wish to discuss your situation and options, please email your admission counselor who will be happy to assist.  If you are unsure of your admission counselor, please email and provide your name, contact information and desired campus. Pullman … » More …

I’ve been admitted to a WSU campus but would like to move my admission to the Global Campus.

At this time, we are evaluating the option for confirmed students to transfer from a physical campus to the WSU Global Campus. Because many majors are only offered on physical campuses, the Global Campus may not be the best option for all students.

You may be able to maintain your enrollment in your current campus and enroll in select online courses if they are available through the Global Campus.  Please contact your admission counselor or email to discuss your options. Pullman students can find their counselor here.

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