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Special Message to Applicants for the fall (August) 2021 and Spring (January 2022) semesters

Washington State University will not require SAT or ACT scores for applicants seeking to enter in 2021 or spring semester (January) 2022. This applies to all campuses in the WSU system. Accordingly, to treat applicants equitably in the admission process, SAT/ACT scores will not be used as a factor in admission decisions for the entering classes of 2021 or spring semester 2022. We look forward to your application to join the Coug family and are pleased to waive this requirement in order to facilitate your pursuit of higher education.



What majors are available at WSU?

Washington State University offers more than 200 fields of study that can contribute to majors, minors, or courses of study.

What do I need to be admitted?

That depends on whether you are:
  • A freshman coming from high school
  • A transfer student
  • An international student
  • A graduate student
See the Requirements & Applying section for the requirements that fit you. If your questions aren’t answered there, you can find and contact your admissions counselor for advice and info.

What is the application deadline?

For application deadlines and a full list of important dates, see the dates and deadlines page. All deadlines are “postmarked by” dates (not received-by dates).

Have other questions? Check out these other page.

Note: This is a guide to the admission process, not a statement of policy. See the WSU General Catalog for official requirements and regulations.