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WSU For Adults Over 25

Requirements for students over 25

You’re considered an adult student for admission purposes if you’ll be 25 years or older on your first day of classes at WSU and have less than one year’s worth of college work to transfer. If you’ve completed a full year of transferable college work, you should follow the transfer student admission steps instead.

If not, your admission requirements are the same as a freshman, you just have a slightly different application process.

1. Fill out the admission application

  • Additionally, make sure to complete the WSU General Scholarship Application by January 31 and file the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) by January 31.
  • If you choose to attend a different semester than the one indicated on your application, you’ll need to re-apply.

2. Send transcripts

  • Have your high school send us an official transcript with graduation date. If you have a GED, have the testing agency send us your official GED score report instead.
  • If you have completed some college courses, also have the college (or colleges) you attended send us your official transcripts.

3. Send supporting materials

Because the usual application may not tell your story — it’s been a while since high school, maybe also a while since your last college class — we ask you to provide other information and tell us a bit about your experiences since then.

In addition to your application and transcripts, please also send:

  1. A resume covering the last five years; and
  2. A brief essay (no more than one page) addressing why you want to attend WSU.

Transcripts must be sent directly from the school or testing agency to WSU via secure electronic document transfer, fax, or mail. Email is not accepted.

Mailing address:

Washington State University
Office of Admissions
370 Lighty Student Services Bldg.
PO Box 641067
Pullman, WA 99164-1067
Fax: 509-335-4902

Note: This is a guide to the admission process, not a statement of policy. See the WSU General Catalog for official requirements and regulations.