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WSU Research

Yes, you.

Faculty-mentored research experiences are available to students in ALL majors — not just sciences. There are opportunities year-round, for students at every level, whether you’re thinking about grad school or your first career job.


Having research work on your resume says that you’re motivated, smart, and have the hunger to learn. It can teach you skills you’ll never learn in a classroom. And it can open up opportunities you might have missed otherwise.

Interested in a subject and wondering if someone is researching it? The Office of Undergraduate Research can help you find a faculty mentor. Find your research opportunity.

Research opportunities

The Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program at WSU provides students the opportunity to spend a summer doing research with WSU faculty on cutting-edge, NSA-funded projects. Some of the REU sites at WSU include:


Follow in Einstein’s footsteps and explore the nature of the universe.

Materials and optical physics

Push the limits of nonlinear optics and revolutionize the speed of information.

Regional atmospheric chemistry

The Mobile Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratory, invented at WSU, advances the science of predicting air quality and tracking climate change.

Novel states of matter

Explore a branch of physics where normal doesn’t apply.

Learn how the WSU libraries can help you with your research goals.