Is your student on the cusp of being awarded one of our scholarships that are based on GPA and/or test scores? If you live in Washington and your student’s current unweighted GPA is just shy of the 3.4 minimum for the Distinguished University Achievement Award/University Achievement Award, there’s still a chance your student could get it. Similarly, if your student is coming to WSU from out of state and has a GPA just shy of 3.0 or 3.4, your student may be able to get our Distinguished Cougar Award (WUE) or Cougar Award.


If your student was not eligible for one of the awards listed above by “just barely” missing the threshold, we encourage him or her to submit their most recent transcripts (most likely the fall semester) and/or test scores.* When we receive the updated transcripts, we will re-evaluate your student’s eligibility for these awards—no extra work needed!
The deadline for your student (or your student’s high school counselor) to submit their most recent transcripts and/or test scores to be re-evaluated for award eligibility is March 15. Transcripts must be received by the Office of Admissions by March 15. Late submissions will not be accepted for re-evaluation.

*Only students on the cusp of receiving a waiver/scholarship will be re-evaluated.