Do you have a student planning to transfer to Washington State University? Here are a few resources that can help your students with the academic portion of the transfer process:

Transfer Credit Equivalency: The Transfer Clearinghouse provides information, resources, and support to students with transfer credit to ensure a smooth transition and a successful pathway to a completed WSU degree. The site consists of previously evaluated transfer coursework and may not be inclusive of all transferable work. For courses that do not have a direct equivalency listed in the equivalency database, students can use the course evaluation request form for an updated evaluation. The Transfer Clearinghouse can assist with any questions.

University Common Requirements (UCORE): Please reference the University Common Requirements (UCORE) or general education requirements.

WSU Catalog: The course catalog provides an up-to-date listing of requirements for each degree.

Academic Information: Reference this website for additional information about each academic program, including strengths of the program, featured courses, contact information, scholarships, campus organizations, research, and more.