We want your students to succeed. We, therefore, use placement exams to help determine students’ proficiencies so we can enroll them in the most appropriate core math and English courses. While most students are required to take the exams, transferable college credit in math and/or English could fulfill testing requirements.

Use these quick reference guides to help your students see if they need to take our math and writing placement exams:

Math placement guide

Writing placement guide

More information about our math and English placement exams can be found by visiting the following sites:

Math Placement Exam—make sure students complete this exam prior to attending Alive! orientation.

Writing Placement Exam—students need to register for and schedule their exam session at least one week prior to arriving at their scheduled Alive! orientation session. They can also choose to take the exam on the first day of their Alive! orientation session.

If your students would like to register for a foreign language course at WSU, they will also need to take the foreign language placement exam (or have eligible transfer credit or AP language credit). This exam is not required for students who will not enroll in a foreign language course at WSU. Current language exams that are available online are Chinese, French, German, and Spanish. For Arabic, Italian, Japanese, or Korean, please contact the Department of Foreign Languages at forlang@wsu.edu. If students aren’t sure if they need to take the foreign language exam, please have them contact the department at 509-335-4135.