Many students and their families are either aware of the government shutdown or are feeling the effects of the shutdown themselves. Since the shutdown began, Student Financial Services has been receiving inquires as to how, if at all, the shutdown has affected their processes. The majority of students who submitted their FAFSA are notified of their award for the upcoming/current academic year and then receive the funding close to the start of the term. At this time, they do not anticipate that the government shutdown will affect these students’ accounts or aid.

For students who are going through one or more complex processes (i.e. verification, satisfactory academic progress, etc.), slight problems or delays may be experienced. This is especially true if more information has been requested of the student and/or if more information is needed/needs to be verified by a government agency (i.e. Department of Homeland Security, Social Security Administration, the IRS, etc.).

The WSU Office of Student Financial Services is happy to assist as much as possible with any problems or delays students experience due to the government shutdown. If your students would like to speak with a financial aid specialist about their specific situation, please have them call 509-335-9711.