Alive! is WSU’s required (and fun!) orientation program where your student will meet with an advisor and register for classes. It’s an opportunity to explore campus, see residence halls, meet new friends, and experience campus life—oh, and parents are welcome (not required) to attend, too!

While parents and students will have different schedules and attend different tracks at Alive!, you and your student can expect to:
• Meet with faculty, advisors, and other campus leaders.
• Learn how to customize your student’s education and open up future career opportunities.
• Tour campus and attend workshops to get an inside look of life at a Tier 1 research institution.
• Learn about exciting leadership and involvement opportunities.
• Meet other members of the Cougar family.

If your student hasn’t registered for Alive! yet, encourage him or her to do so soon as many of the sessions are filling up. Below is the list of available Alive! sessions as of May 30, 2018. If you’d like to attend with your student, you can find more information about the program at the Alive! website.

Freshman sessions

SessionDatesDays of Week
1June 5–7, 2018Tuesday–Thursday
9July 11–13, 2018Wednesday–Friday
11July 18–20, 2018Wednesday–Friday
12July 23–25, 2018Monday–Wednesday
Fall Alive!*August 13–15, 2018Monday–Wednesday

Transfer sessions

SessionDatesDays of Week
4June 17–18, 2018Sunday–Monday
11July 18–20, 2018Wednesday–Friday
Fall Alive!*August 13–15, 2018Monday–Wednesday

For more information about Alive! orientation, please visit

All new students (transfer and freshman) must attend an Alive! orientation/registration program before they can enroll for the fall semester.

*Registration for Fall Alive! opens in late July.