Now that your future Coug is transitioning to college, there is an important topic WSU’s Student Financial Services (SFS) encourages parents and guardians to discuss with their student: Third Party Access (TPA).

Until now you have been able to access information about your student, but come the first day of the WSU semester, parents no longer have access to all of their student’s information due to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

FERPA is a federal law which protects the privacy of student’s education records. The intent of this law is to protect student information.

What is Third Party Access?

Third Party Access allows the student to grant access to their information (i.e. grades, class specifics, charges/refunds, and financial aid) to any third parties they choose, including parents and guardians.

The process is easy! Follow the steps below, or watch the step-by-step video instructions.

  1. Student must log on to their myWSU account
  2. Click on ‘Main Menu’
  3. Select ‘Self Service’
  4. Click on ‘Third Party Access’
  5. Click on ‘Third Party Access’ (a second time)

Talk with your student now to encourage them to set up Third Party Access. This will allow you to call Student Financial Services when school starts to get answers to your questions.