All new freshmen and transfer students who filed a 2018–2019 FAFSA or WASFA should already have received their financial aid estimate or their actual financial aid award. However, there are a few common inaccuracies that can delay a student’s estimate and award:

  1. the student’s social security number is entered incorrectly on the FAFSA/WASFA and/or the admission application
  2. the social security number wasn’t entered at all in the admission application (which is optional)
  3. the student’s name is misspelled or their date of birth was entered incorrectly on either the FAFSA/WASFA or the admission application.

When we identify any of these common inconsistencies, we notify the student via email and phone call with instructions to remedy the situation. Even if your student hasn’t heard from us, it is a good idea to double check their FAFSA/WASFA to ensure all data was entered correctly—it never hurts to be proactive!