WSU’s renowned Edward R. Murrow College of Communication has made exciting changes in their curriculum that provides students with additional degree options and flexibility to now double major. Traditionally, Murrow students received a B.A. in Communication but will now receive one of three communication-related degrees:

  • Communication & Society
  • Journalism and Media Production
  • Strategic Communication

This change in degree programs will now allow Murrow students to double major in Murrow programs. The new majors added are Risk and Crisis Communication, Communication and Technology, and Science Communication.  WSU’s new minor, Sports Communication, teaches students about mass media and how to communicate in a global context within the sports industry. For additional information about these majors and minor, please view our catalog (pp. 118, 120-121).

Also new this year is a Fermentation Science specialization track within the Food Science major in our College of Agriculture, Human & Natural Resource Sciences. These students will focus on fermentation as a type of food preservation. Popular fermented foods and beverages like cheese, pickles, and beer are studied in the fermentation specialization track. You can read more about this new degree option here.

Last year, WSU added seven new majors, and reinstated Forestry as a major. In recent years, Forestry was a minor, but WSU is excited to have brought back the full Forestry curriculum. Other new majors are Construction Engineering, Data Analytics, Software Engineering and four foreign language majors for professionals. The foreign language additions will allow students to double major in a language along with any other major of their choice while still completing their major within the average time. For example, a student could major in International Business along with one of these majors for the professions and still obtain their bachelor’s degree in a reasonable timeframe. These majors are:  French for the Professions, German for the Professions, Japanese for the Professions and Spanish for the Professions. For detailed descriptions about these additional majors for the professions, please view our catalog (pg. 222-223)


The Carson College of Business has also added two new specialization tracks of Human Resource Management and Innovation & Change within the Management major last year, along with an Entrepreneurship minor. Entrepreneurship is now offered as both a major and a minor. For more information about WSU’s over 200 areas of study, click here.