No matter what subject a student plans to study, having a strong foundation and understanding of math is important. In fact, all WSU students are required to take at least one college-level math course, and most majors require more than that. To assist with this, the WSU Department of Mathematics sponsors the Math Learning Center. Here, students can receive free math tutoring from highly qualified tutors. The Math Learning Center has anywhere from three to eight tutors at any one time available to help students. If your student is apprehensive about taking college-level math, encourage them to visit the Math Learning Center (WSU Pullman Cleveland Hall 130 and the Thompson Hall 1 Computer Lab).

In addition to completing a college-level math course, WSU students are required to be proficient writers. They need to take at least one lower-division English class and an upper-division, major-related writing course. Students will also submit written assignments in many other courses. In order to help students succeed, the WSU Undergraduate Writing Center offers free writing tutorial services where students can obtain assistance at any phase of the writing process, for any writing assignment. Students can get help brainstorming ideas for a research paper, help with the composition of a one-page lab report, or get grammatical assistance with their creative writing essay. The Writing Center’s slogan is “any class, any paper, any draft.” All undergraduate students are welcome and since students are seen on a walk-in basis, no appointments are necessary. The Undergraduate Writing Center is located at WSU Pullman CUE room 303. Please encourage your student to take advantage of this free service.