Washington State University has two separate placement exams that will need to be completed by new students who do not have transferable college level math or English credit.

The Math Placement Assessment is administered online and the cost is $45 which is billed to the student account and due the first day of classes. If students are unhappy with their initial placement score, they may re-take the assessment in a proctored setting while on campus. The math placement exam must be taken initially two weeks prior to students attending their Alive! Orientation session. Some students may be exempt from taking the exam if they have already received transferable college credit in math through running start, AP/IB exam credit, or other college coursework.

The Writing Placement Assessment may be taken either online or in person at an Alive! Orientation. The Writing Assessment costs $40 when taken in-person and is billed to the student’s account. If students elect to take the online version, they will pay an additional $18 proctoring fee and they need to have their assessment completed at least one week prior to their Alive! Orientation session. Some students may be exempt from taking the assessment, if they have transferable college credit for English/Writing through running start, AP/IB exam credit or other college coursework.

Please contact your Admission Counselor if you have any questions.