WSU students need to submit three separate deposits prior to attending the University; an advanced tuition/confirmation deposit, housing (optional for transfer students) and security deposit, and an orientation fee.

When a student accepts their WSU’s offer of admission, they submit a $200 advanced tuition/confirmation deposit. They do this through their myWSU account. This $200 is not an additional fee, but is part of the upcoming year’s tuition. May 1st is the deadline for students to accept the admission offer and submit the advance tuition/confirmation deposit.

WSU Housing (optional for transfer students) requires a $400 advanced payment deposit plus a $150 security deposit when students submit their housing application. The $400 advanced payment deposit is not an additional cost, but is deducted from the housing cost for the upcoming year. The $150 security deposit is reimbursed to the student at the end of the school year, if the student’s residence hall or apartment has not been damaged. Housing Applications can be submitted any time prior to attending WSU, but earlier is better. Housing preference is granted based on the date that the student submits their contract. Students who submit their contracts earlier are more likely to be assigned to one of their preferred residence halls.

Admitted students must also attend an orientation called Alive! There is a matriculation fee of $230 for students to attend. Parents, siblings and other guests may attend as well, but there are additional charges for each participant. The matriculation fee is due when a student registers for the Alive! program. Admitted students are encouraged to register early because spots can fill up quickly.

These fees and deposits describe above may be deferred if the student has extreme financial hardship.  Please contact your Admissions Counselor for more information.