Student Financial Services (SFS) understands how stressful the financial aid process can be for both parents and students. Our office is committed to helping you.

Now that your future Cougs are well on their way, there is an important topic SFS encourages counselors to bring up in the conversations you are having about your students’ transition to college, and that is Third Party Access (TPA).

Up until now you have been able to gather as much information about your students as possible but once the first day classes begin, parents/guardians/counselors can no longer have access to all of their students’ information due to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). FERPA is a federal law, which aims to protect the privacy of student’s education records. The US Department of Education has a great FERPA 101 video that can help!

What is Third Party Access?

Third Party Access allows the student to grant access to their information (i.e. grades, class specifics, charges/refunds, and financial aid) to any third party they wish.

The process is easy!

  1. Student must log on to their myWSU account
  2. Click on Main Menu
  3. Select Self Service
  4. Click on Third Party Access
  5. Click on third Party Access (a second time)

Also available are step by step video instructions on granting Third Party Access .

We encourage students not to wait until the first day of school to set up Third Party Access, this way if their parents/guardians have any questions during the first week of school they are able to call our office and we have permission to answer their questions thoroughly!

Financial Aid Timeline:

All new freshmen and transfer students who have filed a 2017-2018 FAFSA by the January 31st priority date have already begun receiving their Financial Aid Estimates. However, a few common missteps can delay a student’s Financial Aid Estimate. The most common mistakes are: the student’s social security number is entered incorrectly on the FAFSA and/or the admissions application, the social security number wasn’t entered at all in the admissions application (which is optional), and the student’s name is misspelled or a wrong date of birth was entered on either the FAFSA or the admissions application.

If a mistake has occurred on a student’s FAFSA or admissions application, we hope to find it as soon as possible and notify the student via email and phone call with instructions to remedy the situation.  At this time, parents and students should double check their FAFSA to ensure all data was entered correctly—it never hurts to be proactive!

Over the next couple of months, please remind students to check their email often since that is the primary method of contact for WSU families about the financial aid process.

As always, Student Financial Services staff is here for students and parents and we’d love to help you!  If you have questions and/or need our guidance, please contact us at or 509-335-9711. Be sure to also use our website as a resource at And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the latest financial aid information and quick tips. We look forward to keeping connected to you in the coming months!