The mission of the Transfer Clearinghouse is to provide information, resources, and support to students with transfer credit ensuring a smooth transition and a successful pathway to a completed WSU degree. We understand the importance of assisting transfer students with identifying how courses transfer, how they apply to degree requirements, and planning toward degree completion.

Pre-advising is one of the essential services provided by the Transfer Clearinghouse as we assist prospective students with planning their transfer and identifying pathways to a WSU degree.

The Transfer Course Search tool at provides hundreds of thousands of course equivalencies from institutions across the U.S. and world. The pre-advising role of Transfer Clearinghouse is to work with students and advisors to determine how transfer coursework will apply to a WSU degree program and identify remaining University Common Requirement (UCORE) and major requirements that may be completed in transfer. We also work to make sure students and transfer advisors best understand transfer pathways via transfer associate degrees to WSU degree programs, along with completion of vital prerequisite and courses required for certification into specific degree programs.

If there’s a transfer course that has not yet been reviewed or one that may require a syllabus for evaluation, the online Course Evaluation Request form is available. The Transfer Clearinghouse evaluates UCORE equivalencies and works directly with academic departments and faculty to establish and review departmental course equivalencies.

The Transfer Clearinghouse is currently working on developing more robust online tools that will allow students to build a list of transfer courses and see how they apply to WSU degree requirements. This will assist students in planning for terms of enrollment at their transfer institution as they work toward an intended WSU degree program.  We look forward to the release of these tools, which will mirror access current WSU students have to online advisement reports, later in 2017.

The Transfer Clearinghouse continues to work closely with admissions and recruitment, academic advising, and other transfer stakeholders to guide students at each stage of process and provide sources of advice and campus services that support student success at WSU. Please feel free to reach out to us via the Transfer Answerline at or 509-335-8704 and visit for more information. Happy New Year, and Go Cougs!