WSU admission counselors crisscross the western U.S., visiting high schools, meeting students and parents, answering questions, and helping with the application and college decision process. Chances are an admission counselor has had a hand in your son or daughter’s contact with WSU at some point. But admission counselors don’t only help students. They can help you—in addition to your student —with a wide range of questions related to the college decision.

A WSU admission counselor can answer your questions or point you directly to someone who can. Among the things they can help you and your student with:

Understanding financial aid and scholarships.

Information on academic programs. Academic departments at WSU are glad to respond to questions from students and parents, and you’re always welcome to arrange a visit to the department, tour the facilities, talk to a professor, and ask questions. Your admission counselor can help you locate the people you need to talk to about academics or arranging a campus visit.

Connecting with local WSU alumni who can share their experiences as WSU students.

Information on Alive! orientation: What to expect and how to prepare in advance.

Housing information: How on-campus housing works, how and when to apply, and what your student’s choices are.

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