WSU has over 200 areas of study available to students. Each major has a different set of prerequisites that may or may not be offered at your institution. When working with transfer students, please encourage them to communicate with the WSU academic advisors who are well-versed in the course preparation for their major.

At WSU, the requirements to certify into different majors vary greatly. The certification process is separate from the WSU admission process and can sometimes be confusing to transfer students. Ideally, a transfer student with a transfer associate’s degree should be able to certify into their desired major the same semester they enroll at WSU, or shortly thereafter.

WSU strongly recommends that prospective transfer students connect with an academic advisor for each major they are considering. Advisors will give students detailed information about what is required to certify into their major as well as recommendations on which Associate’s degree best helps the transfer student meet the major’s prerequisites. WSU’s academic advisors are excellent resources and will be able to help transfer students navigate the major certification process. It’s never too early to reach out to an academic advisor, and their contact information can be found at

Transfer Advisors and transfer students can find complete four-year plans for each major in WSU’s most recent catalog at For the PDF, Click on “Pullman Campus Catalog.” The WSU catalog contains additional information about the certification requirements for WSU’s majors, minors, and specialization tracks.