The WSU Regents Scholars Program recognizes Washington’s best high school students for their hard work and academic accomplishments.

We invite high school educators and administrators to nominate your two most distinguished seniors for the Regents Scholar Program.  All eligible nominees will receive a four-year Regents Program scholarship and have the opportunity to compete for a Distinguished Regents Scholar Award.

Find your nominees

We encourage you to nominate your best students based solely on your students’ qualifications, regardless of their level of interest in WSU. Many current Regents Scholars hadn’t considered WSU as one of their college choices until their school nominated them for the scholarship.

Our Regents Scholars often rank in the top two percent of their class, possess a passion for learning, and benefit from a wide range of experience that propels them above their peers. They demonstrate a purposeful, long-term commitment to volunteer activities and causes within their school and in the general community. Several have also achieved their success while facing extraordinary family situations, special personal circumstances, or working part-time jobs. Use the Regents Scholars eligibility calculator to confirm that your students meet the GPA and test score requirements.

Complete your nomination

A separate nomination form for each student must be submitted by Wednesday, October 19, 2016, 11:59 pm PST.  If your school does not receive the invitation email, please contact Maja Gillespie, Senior Advisor with WSU Student Financial Services, at for more information and assistance.To complete the nomination form, you will need the following information:

Nominator information

  • Your name
  • Your job title
  • Your email address

Student information

  • Nominee’s current GPA and scores from the SAT or ACT
  • Nominee’s full name as it appears on high school transcript
  • Nominee’s mailing address
  • Nominee’s email address (Please don’t use your school email or a fictitious email for the student. It is very important to provide the student’s actual email address.)
  • Nominee’s date of birth
  • Senior class size
  • Nominee’s gender

Academic recommendation

You’ll be asked to share your knowledge about the student in the following areas.  Responses to each section are limited to 200 words or less.

  • Academic strength
    Describe the student’s academic strengths and interests by addressing grades, range of course selection, advanced placement courses, or Running Start participation (if available), and evidence of challenging him or herself each academic term.
  • Leadership capability
    Describe the student’s leadership capability including initiative, leadership roles in a variety of settings, the ability to take on additional challenges, and entrepreneurship.
  • Extracurricular activities
    Describe the student’s extracurricular activities and cultural involvement, paying particular attention to purposeful, long-term commitment to volunteer and community activities or family responsibilities; also include activities such as clubs, performing arts, service organizations, and sports.
  • Learning attitude
    Describe the student’s attitude toward learning; for example, you may discuss attributes such as breadth of intellectual interests, mental flexibility, love of learning, and ability to thrive in a self-directed academic setting.
  • Personal observation
    Describe the settings where you have observed the student and what was remarkable about what you observed.

Once the nomination has been submitted and received, future communication from WSU will be sent directly to the nominated student. Nominated students must complete and submit a WSU application for admission and WSU scholarship application, as well as submit their official high school transcript and SAT or ACT test scores directly to WSU.

Nominated Student Steps

If you have been nominated for a WSU Regents Scholarship, you will need to complete the following steps by Wednesday, November 30, 2016 to be eligible for an award.

  1. Complete the WSU admission application.
  2. Complete the WSU general scholarship application.
  3. Have official transcripts sent to the WSU Office of Admission. Transcripts must be sent directly from your high school registrar to WSU.
  4. Have SAT or ACT scores sent to the WSU Office of Admission. Test scores must be sent directly from the testing agency to WSU.

All items must be received by WSU by the deadline. Late submissions will not be considered.