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New Majors, Minor and Specialization Tracks at WSU Pullman


WSU Pullman now offers Bachelors of Science degrees in Construction Engineering, Software Engineering, and Data Analytics. Both the Construction Engineering and the Data Analytic programs are the first of their kind in the Pacific Northwest.

The Construction Engineering curriculum is a blend of engineering principles and business management concepts. Visit the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering for more information. The new Software Engineering degree prepares students to design and maintain complex software programs. Visit for more information. The Data Analytics degree has seven different options: agriculture and environmental systems, business, computation, economics, life sciences, physical sciences, and social sciences. Find out more information in the WSU Pullman catalog.

Last fall WSU Pullman reinstated its Bachelor of Science in Forestry. Find out more information at the School of the Environment.

WSU is also offering an exciting, new opportunity for students who would like to double major in a foreign language and another area of study. WSU created French Professional, German Professional and Spanish Professional majors, where students predominantly study speaking and writing the language instead of spending as much time learning about culture and literature. Find out more information at Foreign Language and Cultures.

WSU’s Carson College of Business has added an Entrepreneurship Minor in addition to the Entrepreneurship Major. This was in response to students’ requests so that students can major in another discipline, but still learn entrepreneurial skills. Visit for more information. Additionally, the Carson College of Business has added two specialization tracks within the Management Major. Students can now specialize in either Human Resource Management, or Innovation & Change. Innovation & Change teaches students to manage modernization of networks and work teams, as well as how to manage the change processes of an organization. Check out for more information.

Please let your students know about these new opportunities at the Pullman campus.