All new transfer students who do not already have credit for a course that satisfies mathematics proficiency requirement Quantitative Reasoning  [QUAN] or is a prerequisite for an Quantitative Reasoning  [QUAN] course are required to take the ALEKS Math Placement Exam. Students who have transferable math credits will automatically be placed into a math course; however, students may be able to place into a math course that is higher than the one they qualify for through the Math Placement Exam.

The Writing Placement Exam is required for all students who want to enroll in English 100, 101, 104, or 105. Students who have received credit for English 101 or higher, or received scores of 4 or above on the AP test in English do not have to take the Writing Placement Exam. Students in the Honors College should contact their advisor or the Honors College for instructions on registering for English 298.

To learn how math and English classes transfer to WSU please visit or have the student review their transfer credit report on their myWSU  account.

We also encourage students to utilize the online WSU course catalog to see what type of math or English the student’s degree will require. Remember, placement is about being successful, not skipping courses. If the placement test places a student below the level they were hoping for they may need to review or possibly take a lower level course, in order to be more successful in their WSU math and English courses.