All incoming freshmen are asked to take two placement exams before they register for classes.  Our goal is to make sure your students are successful in the courses they take at WSU and having an accurate idea of student’s abilities helps us do so.

The Writing Placement Exam is required for all students wishing to enroll in English 100, 101, 104, WSU’s introductory writing and  grammar courses, or English 105 for non-native English speakers. However, students who have received a 4 or higher on the AP English test will receive credit for English 101 and will not need to take the Writing Placement Exam.

The Writing Placement Exam is conveniently offered during Alive! orientation sessions before students register for classes and students receive their scores the next day. All students who demonstrate a high ability in writing will receive three credits for English 101, and will satisfy one of the University’s general education requirements.  All other students will be placed into one of the above mentioned English courses, depending on their performance on the Exam.

If a student feels he/she could have done better on the exam, he or she is able to take the two-hour test one additional time. In addition to being offered at Alive!, students can take the Writing Placement online, or on the WSU campus at a pre-scheduled time. If you are working with a student who is planning to take the WSU Writing Placement Test online, they must do so at least two weeks before their scheduled Alive! Orientation session to ensure their test has been fully evaluated. WSU does not accept writing placement scores from any other writing placement exam.

Students who are planning to join the Honors College do not need to take the Writing placement exam. All Honors students take or satisfy English 298. Since this is a 200 level course AP credits do not satisfy this requirement, however, some transfer credits might, so please encourage your students to connect with their Honors College advisor during Alive! if they have questions. Students will receive additional information about this exam in their Alive! confirmation e-mail, but again Honors students do not need to take the writing placement exam.

In addition to the Writing Placement Exam, incoming students are also required to take the Math Placement Exam unless they have received credit for college-level math. Students should plan to take the Math Placement Exam before coming to their Alive! orientation session, as their score from the exam will be used to place each student in a math course. The Math Placement Exam is offered completely online, and students can take the test from the comfort of their own home.  The Math Placement Exam may be re-taken up to four times, however students must spend three hours in the Prep and Learning module before re-taking the exam. After taking the test the first time, any reassessments must be proctored either online or in-person. Find out more information about re-assessments here.

Freshmen entering WSU with transferable credit from another college, Running Start, AP Math, or IB courses may also take the Math Placement Exam. Students with transferable math credits will automatically be placed into a math course; however, students may be able to place into a math course that is higher than the one they qualify for through the Math Placement Exam. More information can be found on the Math Placement Exam website.

The Math Placement Exam costs $45, and includes the cost of the exam, a six-week Prep and Learning module, and up to four re-takes.  Students can register for the Math Placement Exam any time after confirming their admission by paying the $200 tuition deposit through myWSU.