WSU students should plan for three separate deposits/payments prior to attending the University; an advanced tuition/confirmation deposit, a housing and security deposit, and an orientation matriculation fee. A detailed list of steps for admitted students can be found at

To accept WSU’s offer of admission, your student will need to click “accept” in their myWSU account and proceed through the following steps to pay a $200 advanced tuition/confirmation deposit. This $200 is not an additional fee, but is part of the upcoming year’s tuition. May 1st is the national deadline for students to accept the admission offer; however, there are some advantages for students who confirm their spot earlier.

Once a student confirms their admission, he/she can then sign up for on-campus housing which is required for all incoming freshmen and highly recommended for transfers. The WSU Housing application requests a $400 housing deposit plus a $150 security deposit to submit the form. The $400 deposit is an advanced payment on the the housing cost for the upcoming year and can be deferred by checking a box on the housing application for students who are receiving financial aid. The $150 security deposit cannot be waived or deferred and will be reimbursed to the student once they move off-campus if the student’s residence hall or apartment has not been damaged. Housing Applications can be submitted any time prior to attending WSU though the sooner, the better. Housing preference is granted based on the date the student completes their housing form and pays the security deposit. In other words, the earlier a student completes their housing application, the more likely they are to receive one of their top choices in residence hall/apartment.

All new students are required to attend an orientation and class registration session called Alive!. Alive! orientation requires a $230 fee for students, which includes housing in the residence halls, meals, and all materials during the program. Parents/guardians are encouraged to attend, though it is not required. Parent charges are listed online. Confirmed students are encouraged to register early in order to select the orientation session that works best with their summer plans.

Many of these fees and deposits described above may be deferred to the start of the fall semester to be covered by financial aid if the student has financial hardship. Please contact your regional Admission Counselor for more information.