Samantha Hege has been a counselor on the Washington State University admissions team for just over three years. Samantha is located on-campus in Pullman, but works with students from Alaska, Arizona, Montana, Eastern Oregon, and the Central and Eastern U.S., as well as students who live close to Pullman. She graduated from WSU in 2012 with a degree in Neuroscience, and her experience working in higher education as a student naturally drew her to admissions.

Samantha came to WSU by way of The Dalles, Oregon. Although she had not seriously considered attending WSU, she found herself traveling in the Pullman area and decided to visit the campus. About 20 minutes into the tour, Samantha knew WSU was the place for her. “As we began walking around campus so many people were saying “Hi!” to our tour guide and to our group in general. I could tell that connection between people was genuine and that made me want to get here as soon as possible! Eight years later, and I am still here because I like it so much!”

WSU Admissions Counselors

Seeing her past students thrive at WSU is what makes the job so fulfilling for Samantha. “A college education can be such a transformative experience that has a huge impact on a person’s future path. Being able to help someone start that journey here at WSU is a very rewarding thing.” Having also come from out-of-state, Samantha enjoys being able to work with those students who are taking the road less traveled. She encourages all students to reach out and ask any question they may have about WSU or college in general, emphasizing that no question is too small!

Samantha looks forward to working with more students and their support networks in the future. She encourages anyone who has questions to contact her at or 509-335-6806.

All of our Admission Counselors are available to attend college fairs, scholarship nights, personal statement/essay workshops, admissions presentations, personal visits to high schools, and more. To find which WSU representative serves your school, please visit the “Find Your Rep” website.