Parents play a large role in helping students select a higher education option. Here are five facts that may help your family make the best decision:

  • WSU has over 200 areas of study. Many college students change their majors while in college. Since WSU offers so many majors, students have a wide selection to choose from.
  • WSU offers hands-on research opportunities for undergraduate students. Whether a student wants employment immediately after college or plans to attend a graduate program, having hands-on learning experience will allow the student to be more competitive in the job market and graduate school.
  • WSU provides helpful services for students. Students can obtain career counseling, math tutoring, writing tutoring and counseling services at no extra cost.
  • WSU is a safe place to go to college. Pullman is in the top 10 safest college towns in the United States (according to
  • WSU students are happy. Princeton Review recently ranked WSU students in the top 15 happiest college students in the nation.

When your student is ready to confirm his or her admission, please follow the steps online here: