As students are looking forward to a couple weeks off over the semester break, The WSU Office of Admissions would like to remind them to take advantage of this time to get prepared for graduation and college. Please pass these tips onto your students:

Get some rest, eat healthy, continue to stay active, and focus on academics. Good habits that are established now can carry over into college. Students who take good care of themselves and make healthy choices are better able to balance the challenges they will face in the college environment. In addition, the grades students get their senior year in high school can affect their college admissions, the first semester college courses they take, and their scholarships. It is important for students to stay focused on their academics.

Complete the FAFSA. The FAFSA becomes available Jan 1 and must be completed by February 15 in order to receive priority for financial aid. Students that complete the FAFSA at the very beginning of January will have less pressure than their friends struggling to meet the priority deadline. Even if students don’t think they will need or qualify for financial aid, we still encourage them to fill out the FAFSA. If they discover later they do have a financial need, there may be funds available to help students who had applied before February 15.

Apply for admissions and scholarships at universities. The WSU admissions application is live. Our priority date for admissions and our deadline for university scholarships is January 31. Students should not wait until the last minute to apply, as they risk the chance of missing some great opportunities. In addition, students should apply to more than one school. Even if students know where they want to go to college, they should always have a secondary plan in mind in case the first does not work out.

Make plans to visit the universities of your choice. Even though the weather may not be inviting to travel in December, students can still make plans for a spring visit to their prospective colleges. If students will need to miss a day of class, they can be ready to communicate early with their teachers, and make plans around college tours.

In addition, The Office of Admissions at WSU will be closed December 24-January 3, and any students calling 1-888-GO-TO-WSU will be asked to call after January 3. Urgent matters may be directed to the student’s Admissions Counselor, and emails sent to will be responded to during the closure.