Your son or daughter’s well-being is a high priority at WSU and we have many policies geared toward keeping your student safe. Here are just a few of the ways WSU is working to keep your son or daughter protected.

  • Pedestrian Safety: WSU’s residential campus is a pedestrian-friendly campus. To enhance pedestrian safety, many WSU’s crosswalks are equipped with flashing lights to increase the awareness of oncoming drivers when a pedestrian is about to use a crosswalk. In addition, WSU has positioned over 40 blue-light emergency phones around campus. These phones connect directly to the local 911 dispatch that will help in any sort of emergency. All WSU students are encouraged to avoid walking alone at night and the WSU Police provide escorts if your student needs to walk on campus after dark.
  • On-campus Police Presence: WSU’s Police Department works to provide a safe environment for all members of the WSU Community. The WSU Police offer many services to the WSU community, including the patrol of common bike and pedestrian corridors after dark, providing safety tips, and having a consistent police-presence on campus in case of an emergency.
  • WSU Alert System: We encourage your son or daughter to register his or her emergency contact information in WSU’s zzusis portal for the WSU Alert system. Once registered, your son or daughter will receive notification of on-campus emergencies. In addition, the WSU Alert website has information regarding weather advisories and other important announcements. In an emergency situation, WSU’s Campus Outdoor Warning System, consisting of five outdoor siren/public address units, will inform the campus community of the emergency.
  • Counseling and Psychological Services:  WSU’s Counseling and Psychological Services Office helps to promote the intellectual, emotional, and social growth of WSU students with a commitment to protecting human diversity. They offer counseling, psychological testing, assistance to students who are concerned about one of their peers, and much more.
  • The Office of Student Conduct:  The Office of Student Conduct enforces WSU’s Standards of Conduct for Students and several other policies that students must adhere to while at WSU.
  • Safety in the Residence Halls: The living areas of WSU’s residence halls are locked 24 hours a day, and only the students and staff who live or work in each residence hall have access. In addition, each residence hall has a professional staff member on duty 24-hours a day and student staff patrols walking the floors of each hall every night for safety and community development purposes. Visit for more on WSU’s Housing and Residence Life safety policies.

These are just a few of the many steps WSU has taken to increase safety for your student and the rest of the campus community. Even though WSU has many policies in place, your student also has an important role to play as they become part of the campus community. He or she should never prop a door open in a residence hall or allow a stranger in. Your student should not walk alone on campus at night, or leave their valuable possessions in plain sight. At crosswalks remember to be alert and look both ways before crossing the street. It is also recommended that students register for the WSU Alert system to become a more informed community member. Following these simple steps will help WSU retain its high safety ratings.