May 1 is right around the corner! WSU is encouraging all students who plan to attend WSU to pay their $200 advance tuition deposit by May 1. Students can only sign up for Alive! Orientation and apply for housing after accepting their offer of admission. Therefore, students who submit their deposit earlier have a better chance of getting their first choice of residence halls and their first choice of Alive! Session dates.If you are working with students who have financial need, encourage them to contact their Admission Counselor to help them defer the confirmation deposit so it can be covered by financial aid funds. Since the $200 deposit is part of tuition, it will be due on the first day of classes, August 24, 2015, with the rest of the student’s tuition and fees.

We understand that some students are still trying to decide which college to attend. Although it is in the student’s best interest to accept his or her offer of admission by May 1, WSU will likely continue to accept deposits into the summer, as space remains available. If your students are deciding between two or more universities, encourage them to:

  1. Visit Campus! A campus visit is one of the best ways students can find out if the college is right for them. WSU Pullman offers campus tours at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. Students and families can sign up for a daily tour at .
  2. Look closely at initial financial aid estimates from universities. WSU is proud to offer Coug Compass, which is a tool designed to help students and parents understand their initial financial aid estimate, create a budget, and connect to a variety of other resources at WSU. If you have a student with questions about their initial estimate from WSU, encourage them to contact their WSU Admission Counselor.
  3. Ask final questions of Admissions staff and students. Encourage your students to connect with us through email, phone or online chat.