The Writing Placement Exam is required for all new students enrolling at WSU who do not have equivalent transfer credit for college level writing. Qualifying scores of 4 or higher on AP or Higher Level IB exams will exempt a student from taking the placement exam and give them college level credit for English 101. Credit for college level writing from other institutions will also exempt a student from taking the placement exam.

The Writing Placement Exam is conveniently offered on the first day of each Alive! orientation session. Your student should bring at least two dark ink pens and a photo ID to take the exam. After taking the exam, your son or daughter will receive their score during class registration on the last day of orientation. Their academic advisor will help them enroll in the correct level of English as determined by the exam. Students who are able to demonstrate a high ability in writing will receive three credits for English 101 and satisfy one of the University Core Requirements (UCORE). All other students will be placed in to WSU’s introductory writing and grammar courses: English 100, 101, 104, or English 105 for non-native English speakers.

WSU does not accept writing placement scores from any other writing placement exam. More information on the Writing Placement Exam is available on the Writing Program’s website.