Most students entering WSU without transferable math credits are required to take the Math Placement Exam. Your son or daughter should take the Math Placement Exam before coming to his or her Alive! orientation session, as the exam score will be used to place your student in a math course. The exam is offered completely online, and students can take the test from the comfort of their home. The exam may be taken up to five times; however, students must spend time in the Prep and Learning module before re-taking the exam.

If your son or daughter is entering WSU with transferrable math credit from another college, Running Start, AP, or IB courses, he or she may not be required to take the exam. Students with transferrable math credits will automatically be placed into a math course. However, these students may elect to take the Math Placement Exam to try to place into a higher math course than the one they qualify for based on transfer credits. More information can be found on the Math Placement Exam website.

The Math Placement Exam costs $45 and includes the actual cost of the exam, a six-week Prep and Learning module, and up to four retakes. Your son or daughter can register for the Math Placement Exam any time after accepting his or her offer of admission from WSU by paying the $200 advance tuition deposit through zzusis.